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No Download Casinos

Discover The Best Instant Casinos For Canada Players!

Why stuff your computer with some useless casino software when you can choose a no download casino and play from the browser safe in the knowledge that you won’t be installing any harmful program?

At a time when the raise of ransomware made downloading any files a potential risk, you need to make sure you play at the right no download casinos if you want your gaming sessions to be safe and sound.

Why Are No Download Casinos Popular in Canada?

You might not be aware of this, but Canada casino players are considered to be extremely precious to the industry.

A well-above-average disposable income and the availability of fast and reliable internet connections make Canada one of the ideal markets for online casinos.

Gambling giants like partycasino and 888casino as well as aggressive newcomers like MyBet or LeoVegas are so focused on our market that they would do anything to bring more Canadian players to their platforms.

To make sure Canada’s players will not avoid their games because of the dubious software they would need to download, all the gambling operators on this page decided to offer a no download casino option.

While playing no download casino games from your browser might result in slightly longer loading time - if compared to those you face when you play through a client -, the quality of these instant-casinos is so high that you will love the opportunity to fire up each and every game in one click.

Pick one of the great no download casinos available in Canada to play your games, or continue reading to know more about the casino games you can play with no download needed and about the reasons that pushed the industry to move away from the software we used to install.

A Brief History of No Download Casinos

During the past decade, the online casino industry grew to a point that no one thought was possible.

Whether you are in Canada or not, more and more people are playing casino games online every day. If this is a positive for all those involved in the industry, the growth of the casino market resulted also in the launch of so many new casino sites that it isn’t easy to distinguish the best ones from the bad ones, the legit ones from the scam ones.

The only trouble is that more often than not you’re required to download a casino software in order to play, even if you’re just testing it out.

To put it in simple words, this can be boring as hell. None of us really want to bother downloading casino software that takes time and storage space, when all we really want is a quick game.

A lot of us also don’t like to download casino programs things from websites we don’t trust - and believe me, this is a worldwide thing, not a trust issue only Canadians have!

With all the malware and computer viruses there are out there, we all prefer to play it safe and keep our hard drives clean.

To help you avoid the hassle of downloading, on this page you find some tips and advice to help you play free casino games with no download required at the best instant casinos that operate in Canada.

What Are No Download Casinos?

To explain it in simple terms, the no download casinos are those online sites let you play free casino games for real money, without having to download any software.

While no download casinos used to be almost 100 percent Flash (mediocre) casinos, the raise of HTML5 as a global standard resulted in the launch of an ever-increasing number of rooms that look amazing, load in a snap and, more importantly, work great from mobile.

If you are into the tech stuff, the next section of this page is what you want to have your eyes on.

The different types of no download casinos

There are three main types of no download casinos – those that use Java, those that use Adobe (macromedia) Flash, and those that rely on HTML5 platforms.

You might argue that to use those casinos, you still have to download either Java or Adobe, but the difference is that most people already have one or the other installed.

So many sites need you to have Adobe Flash Player installed to view multimedia, so it’s sort of a given that anyone who uses the internet often will have it installed already.

As for Java, whilst it’s less common for people to have it already installed on their machines, if you are a gamer - you know you have it already.

In case you don’t, you can download it from here. I suggest you do it since it’s not going to be needed only by the no download online casinos you will play from Canada, but also but a huge number of online apps that I am certain you stumble upon.

Both Java and Adobe are trustworthy and updated more than frequently, so you can be sure that you’re not going to pick up anything nasty by downloading them.

What’s the difference between Java and Flash casinos?

Casinos that use Adobe Flash generally have better graphics, as Java it’s a more advanced piece of software than Flash.

Java allows players to access all the features of the casino, and play for real money without having to download any additional software.

Back in the days, however Java used to be the worst of the two since it didn’t allow the players to play for real money.

Today, after numerous fixes, the casinos that use Java are just as fully loaded the ones based on Flash both terms of graphics and the ability to play for money.

No download casinos for mobile phones

There are also no download casinos for mobile phones. Several casinos have produced apps to accompany their sites so that players can play on the go.

If you’d rather not download an app, there are also a lot of online casinos that will have a mobile friendly and responsive website, so that you can simply play through your phone’s web browser.

In this case, you want to make sure the Canadian casino of your choice runs on HTML5, since these are the only rooms that will let you play from the browser without any download needed and offer you a smooth mobile experience at the same time.

Who Should Choose a Mobile Casino

Being able to play free casino slot games with no download required means that you don’t need to worry about viruses, hacks, malware, and adware.

Anything you do have to download from these casino sites is easily deleted, and is only temporary. This also means they don’t take up any storage.

No download casinos are also great for those who live in some rural areas in Canada and don’t have the best internet connection. With a slow bandwidth, downloading can take hours, so flash, Java, or HTML5 casinos save a lot of time in comparison. You can start playing instantly, regardless of how fast your broadband is.

No download casinos are perfect if you want to try out a few operators before you decide to stick to a specific one.

Rather than having to download several different pieces of software, you can simply open as many no download casinos in different tabs as you want, and play.

Obviously, those that will reap the benefits the most though are those that like to play on their phones.

Casinos that required downloading weren’t particularly mobile friendly, but now you can play free casino slot games, no download, anywhere you want.

Some work over the web browsing applications on phones, and some have specific apps to make them easier to use. Either way, no download casinos have made playing on a mobile simple.

Where to find the best free casino slot games with no download

A lot of casinos still require you to download to play, but more and more sites are getting rid of their download requirements, due to the many advantages of no download casinos. Most of the big and well-known casino sites are becoming no download casinos, making it easier for you to instantly play.

On this page, we offer a comprehensive overview of the best ones in the business, with a full list of all the online casinos with no download available in Canada today.

To make this list more interesting, we matched each room with the best welcome bonus - so you can play being safe in the knowledge to get the best bang for your bucks.